Age of the Patient

Age of a patient can attempt to a finding of a possible cause of the problems, f.e. vertebrogenic problems are usual at the age over 40. Adhesive capsulitis and degenerative changes in the area of the rotator cuff occur at patients over 40. Instability of the glenohumeral articulation is found at young population round 20-30. An impigement syndrome has two peaks of an occurrence – the first at women round 35-45, then at women and men around 65 – 75.


Patient's Profession

Working with extremely heavy objects or chronic monotonous load, especially connected with vehement movements, often become a cause of myofascial syndromes, impigement syndrome or inflammations of tendons with eventual consequences in the form of ruptures. These problems can extinct with a change of the working stereotype. At the origin of tendinitis from overloading1 an unusual  fitful load, which the patient does not often in any possible connection with the origin of problems because it often makes progress 2 or 3 days after working overloading, can play its role.


1including recreational sports, household jobs or “relaxation” in the garden