Glenohumeral Joint and Labrum Glenoidale


Labrum glenoidale increases an extension of the contact of a head of a humerus with a cotyle, and in this way it participates in stabilization of the whole articulation. But labrum glenoidale does not have a deciding function for the stabilization of the shoulder joint. Muscles are the main things for the stabilization of the glenohumeral articulation. It is worth mentioning  that in the closeness of the labrum glenoidale the long head of the biceps is attached to tuberculus supragleonoidalis scapulae.

Sternoclavicular Joint

This joint forms clavicular incisures on manubrium sterni and fascies articularis sternalis of a clavicle. An articulation behaves as a globular joint. It is necessary to remind of a presence of an intra-articular disc in this articulation.

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CIBA GEIGY Sternoclavicular articulation

Costovertebral Joint

It is formed by ribs and their joining to a spine in the costotransversal articulations.


Acromioclavicular Joint

Its articular surfaces are formed by fascies articularis acromialis of a clavicle and a fascies articularis of an acromion