Diagnostics of the Affection of Bursae

ultrasound diagnostics of the affection of bursae

The ultrasound diagnostics is a method of the first choice in the case of exudative bursitis. The liquid is well diagnosticated, and so it is possible to consider the ultrasound diagnostics as a masterful method for a common practice. The ultrasound examination  has to be connected also with a sampling for basic analysis of the aspirated liquid. The ultrasound examination is also suitable for an examination of a fibrotization of processes or calcification.

Other possibilities of the examinations of bursae

In the cases of the extensive bursae, it is possible to make a bursography  which is quite an old method, or an arthroscopic examination of the bursa. A perfect method for the diagnostics of bursae is MRI. X-ray is a masterful diagnostic method for making the calcification clear.