Bursae with Fibrosis

A fibrotization of processes in the bursa are connected with impigement syndrome. In the case of impigement syndrome when a compression affects the rotator cuff, also affections of the bursae occur secondary on the basis of reactive changes.

Commentary of the Fibrotization of Bursitis

At 2 patients (70-80) during  2 years we met a great restriction of motility of the shoulder girdle accompanied only by a  small soresness!!! The only pathological finding on the ultrasound is fibrosis of the subdeltoid bursa. We administered 12 mg of Depo Medrol with a local anaesthetics into this bursa. Already after administration of 0,5 ml of the liquid a crackly phenomenon occurred, and patients said that the pains had disappeared, and  the extension of the movement was enlarged. The motility was without any restriction after one week at the check-up. We think that also the fibrotizing bursitis can evoke the problems imitating adhesive capsulitis.  These primarily fibrotizing bursitides are quite rare. It is possible to attempt in this case a steroid injection with a local anaesthetics of course only under the ultrasound.