Bursae with Calcification

Calcifying bursitis is a special type of an affection of the bursa. It differs from the previous representatives of the presence of calcification in the X-ray picture. But a  calcification of the tendon looks equally. The ultrasound examination can differ if there is the bursa affected with the calcification or the tendon. With regarding to a frequent  finding of clinical mute calcifications, it is possible to verify during the dynamic ultrasound examination if the calcification is a causative agent  of the patient's problems. If we can judge according to our experience, then most of the X-ray contrasting calcifications with a clear demarcation are not clinically  important. Only X-ray calcifications, wreathing and little visible, evoked by hydroxyapatitic bursitis, which were not also important according to the roentgenologists, are clinically important. A localization of the calcification in this case corresponded to the place where the patient felt the biggest pains. In most cases, except mentioned hydroxyapatitic bursitis, it was not so.

Diagnosis of periarthritis humeroscapularis on the basis of the calcification is absolutely meaningless.