X-ray Examination of Glenohumeral Arthritis

In the X-ray picture of developed glenohumeral arthritis there is an evident lowering of an articular crevice, and there is an appearance of erosions and cysts without any presence of osteophytes and sclerotization. These changes are evident mainly in the superior and posterior part of the head of the humerus But it is necessary to remind that this finding is developing after a longer time (after several months), and it is a result of large changes of soft components of the shoulder joint. Final X-ray symptoms of arthritis can be osteo-arthrotic changes or osteonekrosis of the head of the humerus.

X-ray examinations do not make possible the diagnostics of matutinal arthritis of the glenohumeral articulation, and arthrotic changes in the X-ray do not eliminate present or previous glenohumeral arthritis!!!!!!!!