Record of the Examination of the Shoulder Girdle

We should clearly arrange the results of the examination of the extension of the movement and function of muscles of the shoulder girdle. This chart proves to us. Values of the extension of the movement are recorded in a system of zero method.

Chart :  Record of the examination of the shoulder girdle

Complex movements of the shoulder girdle

type of movement               

extension of movement   

soresness of movement

elevation in abduction 0 180

f. e. : during   finalization from 160 degrees

elevation in flexion 0 -180

f. e. : painful arc 90 150 degrees      

Isolated examination of the glenohumeral articulation

type of movement

extension of movement


 outer rotation/inner rotation




Examination of the Muscular Function during the Examination of the Isometric Resistance

type of movement strength of contraction

evoking of pains during contraction

outer rotation

+ or -

+ or -

inner rotation + or - + or -
abduction m. deltoideus1 + or - + or -
m.supraspinatus2 + or - + or -


+ or - + or -


+ or - + or -

flexion of the elbow

+ or - + or -

1abduction for m. deltoideus an arm abducted horizontally

2abductionfor m. supraspinatus an arm at the body