Watching of the Development of the Affection of the Glenohumeral Articulation

The pain is the most important, the least overlooked patient's problem. From this point of view, it would suffice to watch this symptom, which would reflect an influence of therapy, and an eventual adjustment of the affection, at most of acute pains in the shoulder girdle. But unfortunately at chronic affections we meet (especially at patients with rheumatism) the fact that patients used to the pain, and therefore we cannot rely on this symptom. A slowly damaging process in the area  of the shoulder girdle can be connected only with a little soresness. At present locally applied steroids are the biggest possibility of the distorting of the pain as a symptom of the gravity of the state. Steroid is able to decrease the soresness of all inflammatory diseases of the shoulder girdle even if it is applied without looking. An effect of steroid alleviates life of many patients. Most patients accept the pain, and they used to the restriction of movements (a feeling of successful therapy is often supported by a claim of a doctor that the problems obligatory last about 1 year, and the patient has to suffer through them as the others…be glad, some patients cannot move with the arm at all etc.). The patients are surprised much more with results of steroid therapy when an ultrasound is used, when they perceive with an amazement which problems they had before. Above mentioned reasons force us to a watching of the effect of the therapy not only in the decrease of the pain felt by the patient (the effect of therapy lies in a complete!!! absence of the pain in our outpatient department), but mainly in the watching of the extension of the movement. But this undertakes to take detailed notes which have to enable us a comparison of the patient's state in the coarse of several years, see zero method.