Character of the Pain at the Affection of the Shoulder Girdle

A pain is the biggest helper during a searching for pathology in the area of the shoulder girdle. It is the first, most annoying symptom due to which  a patient comes to a doctor. In the connection with some other data, a character of the pain can contribute to a diagnosis of an affection.

An acute, intensive pain, most frequently also a resting one, with a morning stiffness, a worsened pain during lying on the affected side and at night, with a worsening during movements of a limb is caused by tenovaginitis of the long head of the biceps in most cases, and in some cases it is caused by eventual bursitis or arthritis of the glenohumeral or acromioclavicular joint. When there is an occurrence of these anamnestic data, it is sure with a great probability that the illness is caused by these affections, and it deals with pathology in the closeness of the glenohumeral articulation. An ideal possibility for the diagnostics is to continue in another examination by means of the ultrasound which is a masterful device in the diagnostics of these causes.

The bigger and more acute is the pain, the more increased is the efficiency of the ultrasound examination!!!

scheme contribution of the pain for the differential diagnosis