X-ray of the Shoulder

X-ray in the AP Projection

A basic X-ray technique  for examination of pathological states is a roentgen in AP projection, they are certain modifications at inner and outer rotation.


Special X-ray Projection

If there is a trauma or a suspicion of luxation of the acromioclavicular or glenohumeral articulation, we can also fill up some other special projections.

  1. scapular projection

  2. axillary projection

  3. X-ray in AP view  with weights

  4. In the case of suspicion of luxation of the acromioclavicular articulation, we fill up AP projection with X-ray of AP projection with weights in the affected limb which diagnoses  the subluxation in this joint.


Importance of X-ray in the Diagnostics of Pains in the Area of the Shoulder Girdle

X-ray has an importance only for the diagnosis of pathology of osseous structures, but these pathological states do not belong to most frequent causes of pains of the shoulder girdle. Moreover it is necessary to stress that at clear X-ray diagnosis a pathology of a soft structure, but at which their X-ray examination is needless, can be also there. Also a finding of a fracture or luxation in the X-ray picture is not the final diagnosis if we do not find out  the state of soft tissues with the help of other examining methods. In any case we cannot be satisfied in with X-ray diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the glenohumeral articulation (see osteoarthritis of the glenohumeral articulation). The X-ray examination is rather indicated for reasons of the common tradition than for reasons of the common contribution for our patient. But it has not any meaning as the first examination.