Existence of the Impigement Syndrome

We often meet a diagnosis of the impigement syndrome, mainly in the orthopaedic branch. Even so it is necessary to perceive a few connections.

Impigement syndrome is not a final diagnosis, but only a description of the presence of pathology in the suprahumeral (subacromial) articulation.

Also in the case of evidence of this diagnosis on MRI, which is able to diagnose the impigement syndrome almost exactly, we cannot forget the real cause which can be for example in the disorder of a muscular stereotype when the muscles do not make a depression of the head of the humerus under the acromion enough, and so an incarceration of the head of the humerus occurs. Another cause can be a primary oedema of structures of the suprahumeral articulation etc., etc., etc…. But the most relevant fact, that clinic symptoms up to the present seen as typical ones for impigement syndrome are at all pathological processes in this area as bursitides, mainly tenovaginitis of the long head of the biceps!!! Therefore we think that the diagnosis of the impigement syndrome on the basis of some clinical picture is a big mistake, and its determination without MRI examination shows a radical ignorance of the diagnostics in the area of the shoulder girdle. On the other hand, it is our belief that if there is a restriction of motility lasting more than a half of the year at the normal finding on the ultrasound and X-ray, then it is the impigement syndrome, and we require a surgical solution, i.e.. e.  acromioplasty of the acromioclavicular articulation.