Casuistry of the Impigement Syndrome by Posttraumatic Hyperostosis

As an example of  an atypical impigement syndrome we can introduce a patient with a trauma of the rotator cuff. About a half of the year after the injury pains of the shoulder and a gradual aggravation of motility occurred.

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picture and scheme of the impigement syndrome by hyperostosis

videosequence of the impigement syndrome by hyperostosis



X-ray picture

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The origin of the impigement syndrome  by osteophyte of the head of the humerus, not by the upper part of the suprahumeral articulation (acromion, ligamentum coracoacromialis), is atypical. A diagnosis was gained during a dynamic examination of the patient when the ultrasound examination localized the pain during the  abduction of the shoulder into the area where this osteophyte was present.