Ultrasound Examination of Tendinitis of the Rotator Cuff

In our experience, the ultrasound diagnostics is not wholly without any risk of  an interpretation. An assessment depends on long-range experience  of a doctor. In spite of that the ultrasound becomes a possible examining means of the rotator cuff.

The ultrasound examination of pathologic processes of the rotator cuff manifests:

changes of echogenicity in the area of the rotator cuff, pathology is shown by reduced echogenicity, mainly in combination with hyperechogenic demarcation. The picture is depended on the time of duration hypoechogenicity is rather at the beginning of the affection can correspond to an inflammation or haematoma, and hyperechogenic focus is already fibrous tissue (scar, eventually calcification) at the moment.

changes of the width and contours of the rotator cuff

a fibrotization of processes in the bursae