Osteonekrosis of the Head of the Humerus

Osteonekrosis of the head of the humerus is a possible complication of various pathological states, or it occurs without any obvious evoking cause.

The most frequent causes of osteonekrosis

a fracture of the anatomical cervix of the head of the humerus : a cause is an abrupt of a haematic supply

a steroid therapy : necrosis also originates after a short time of administering. But symptoms do not have to be there for a longer time. The origin of osteonekrosis does not depend on the steroid dose meanwhile, etiology is not clear.

a complication of basic diseases : SLE, haemoglobinopathy, pancreatitis 

Diagnosis of Osteonekrosis

We are not able to diagnose  osteonekrosis at the beginning of the affection because  symptoms of this affection are delayed, they are felt for the first time when there is a collapse of the affected bone. But in the time before the development of patient's problems, scintigraphy or MRI10 are able to detect the changes. The X-ray picture is a contribution in the time of developed necrosis and its repair.

10MRI is more specific and more sensitive