Ruptures of Muscles and Tendons before the Coalescence into the Rotator Cuff

With regards to the intact glenohumeral articulation, the ruptures of muscles13 before the coalescence into the rotator cuff are mostly less important than ruptures of muscles going through the rotator cuff even if the pains at these ruptures are expressive.


Diagnostics of Ruptures of Muscles before the Coalescence into the Rotator Cuff


ultrasound examination

Diagnostics of these ruptures is more difficult due to smaller clinical problems, which do not force the doctor to use all the diagnostic procedures, than we find at patients with complete ruptures of the rotator cuff. If the patient's state does not improve for a long time, it is a problem. A determination of the diagnosis  of the rupture of the muscle helps to vindicate the doctor's image because the patient understands the fact that a healing of the rupture does not take several days or weeks. The only one reliable symptom was a presence of the haematoma which occurred till 3-4 days after problems.

13if they are not complete