Casuistry of the rupture of m. subscapularis

 suprupX.jpg (38311 bytes)

picture and scheme of the  rupture of m. subscapularis

video sequence of the rupture of m. subscapularis




rupaxiX.jpg (57844 bytes)

Picture and scheme of the rupture of m. subscapularis, an axillary section with a presence of an exudate in the joint, distance 5,5 mm



rupaxinX.jpg (61235 bytes)

Picture and scheme of an axillary section of the affected side at a patient with a rupture of m. subscapularis, normal distance 3,0 mm



obr_1 kopie.jpg (23689 bytes)

Picture of MRI ruptures of m. subscapularis 1. place articular  hydrops in the area of posterior labrum, 2. place ruptures of m. subscapularis, 3. place a liquid along the long head of the biceps


A rupture of m. subscapularis in the attached part of the rotator cuff.


Commentary of the Rupture of M. Subscapularis

The rupture of m. subscapularis is already in the area of the rotator cuff, and the articular hydrops occurred. An aspiration from the joint and application of steroids really helped to the patient. In spite of the extensive finding, the patient's state was improved during this therapy, and orthopedists recommended only a conservative therapy.