Device Examining Methods

1.  X-ray of C spine can find pathology of the 1. rib, clavicle, processus megatransversus or it can find congenital fusion of the ribs

2. arteriography and flebography have a debatable meaning, they are tunelessly positive and also negative

3. Doppler can find an origin of the murmur from the area of a. subclavia



Provocative Manoeuvres of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Syndrome provocative manoeuvre

Scalene (Adson test)

a sitting patient takes a deep breath, he/she rotates and bends back his/her head on the side of the affected limb which is freely lain on the knee

Costoclavicular (stressed soldierly bearing)

back and neck are stretched most, and hands are adducted most strongly to the patient's body
Hyperabductive a patient is sitting freely with hands along the body, his/her limb is abducted by the doctor to the maximal position