Glenohumeral Arthritis and Hydrops of the Glenohumeral Articulation

Glenohumeral arthritis commonly occurs at rheumatoid arthritis, it also occurs at other rheumatoid diseases very often, for example spondyloarthritis ankylosans, psoriatic arthropathy, Reiter syndrome, system scleroderma and SLE. Traumatic synovitis are also very frequent. We cannot forget rare causes of arthritides: f. e. infectious, inclusive of tubercular arthritis, synovitis at an illness from deposition of crystals etc. An independent chapter is formed by a group of undifferentiated monoarthritides  of the glenohumeral articulation, which have been wrongly diagnosed  till now, and mostly have ended with a diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. We have to lay an emphasis on that the same symptoms as inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis of the glenohumeral articulation also any other diseases accompanied by hydrops in the articular cavity, also primary non-inflammatory diseases. A primary inflammatory reaction of articular synovitis is not necessary for calling up of these symptoms, but an initial presence of a liquid and mechanic distension of the articular capsule of any etiology.