Ruptures of Muscles and Tendons in the area of the Glenohumeral Articulation

Ruptures of muscles and tendons in the area of the shoulder joint are in comparison with ruptures of muscles of other parts of body very frequent. It results from extreme demands which are put on the muscles. Ruptures can be divided according to several viewpoints:

An extension of muscular ruptures

  1. parcial ruptures: afflicting only one part of the muscle

  2. complete ruptures: perforating the whole muscle and its muscular fascia


 Etiology of the origin of ruptures of muscles

accidental mechanisms

Ruptures of muscles forming at muscles and their tendons against which a sudden big strength was used. They are connected with an acute, very painful state. An anamnesis is mostly a basic point for their diagnosis.

spontaneous ruptures of muscles

Spontaneous ruptures form on the basis of nutritive and degenerative changes at rheumatoid affections. They mostly occur at older people, and they affect the rotator cuff. But they can also occur at young, wholly healthy people, and we are not able to find any evoking factor.