Compressive Syndrome of N. Suprascapularis C 5-6 

constitution of nerve     

motor innervation

m. supraspinatus

m. infraspinatus

innervation of the capsule of the glenohumeral articulation therefore neurotrophic changes affecting the articular capsule can be influenced  by its blockade   

muscular function

m. supraspinatus

it participates in the abduction in the shoulder joint
m. infraspinatus it participates in the outer rotation in the glenohumeral articulation

symptom of disorder of muscular function

m. supraspinatus weakened abduction against resistance

m. infraspinatus weakened outer rotation against resistance


direct trauma, it can occur after indirect trauma of more distant place, f. e. Colles fracture of the forearm


pain propagates along distributive regions of n. radialis, it is localized most in the posterior and lateral area of the shoulder with possible propagation into the arm

disorder of sensitiveness


place of compression

in the area of  the foramen  of nerve suprascapularis on the scapula