Affections Relating to the Shoulder Girdle

A pathological state in the shoulder girdle can be a result of many other illnesses which are primarily without referring to the shoulder girdle, so before an examination  of the shoulder girdle it is important to find if there is or is not an affection which could have relation to the present problems. In most cases it deals with an irradiation of pains at the affection of internal organs, f. e. at pseudoradical syndrome. At these states except pains we do not meet other symptoms typical for the affections of the shoulder girdle.

If we meet adhesive capsulitis1 at the affection of the shoulder girdle, we can find previous stroke or diabetes mellitus in the patient's anamnesis.

Raynard syndrome can be a symptom of scleroderma or thoracic outlet syndrome.

With regarding to the frequent connection of the vertebrogenic problems with pains in the shoulder, it is necessary to search for previous problems with cervical spine watched during rehabilitation, and at the neurology. If it is an affection of discogenic etiology, then the pain is mostly connected also with sensory disorders and disorders of reflexes


1if it exists author's note