Ligament in the Area of the Shoulder Girdle


Affections of ligaments are mostly connected with traumas of the shoulder girdle, and therefore rather traumatologists meet these states.


Sternoclavicular Ligament

ligamentum sternoclaviculare anterior

ligamentum sternoclaviculare posterior

Acromioclavicular Ligament

This ligament is affected by luxations of the acromioclavicular articulation


ligamentum coracoclaviculare

  1. posteromedial ligamentum conoideum

  2. anterolateral ligamentum trapezoideum

Scapular Ligament

ligamentum coracoacromiale a supporting ligament  which m. deltoideus is attached to 

ligamentum transversum superior   a suprascapular nerve goes under it, and it can be compressed

ligamentum transversum inferior

Glenohumeral Ligament

ligamentum glenohumerale

  1. superior

  2. middle

  3. inferior strengthening  the glenohumeral articulation

ligamentum coracohumerale


009a.JPG (36088 bytes)

a ligament around  the glenohumeral articulation