Unfavourable Endings of Exudative Tenovaginitis

 A significant result of exudative tenovaginitis is a reality that at long lasting or badly cured tenovaginitis, a dense, highly viscid liquid forms, which restricts the movement of the glenohumeral articulation, and which is a permanent cause of clinical problems (see symptoms of bicipital tendinitis and tenovaginitis). Problems continue until the liquid is extracted. Unfortunately at these obsolete cases the aspiration with a needle mostly cannot eliminate all the content, and the steroid peritendinous injections have only a partial effect. Finally it is necessary to make an extraction of the content of the sheath operatively. At exudative tenovaginitis of the long head of the biceps it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible because lateness of the therapy about 2 3 months can bring worse prognosis for the patient.