Typical Picture of Bicipital Tendinitis and Tenovaginitis


 The Patient feels pains in the ventral area of the shoulder joint which radiate up to the elbow, i.e.  to the place of an attachment of the biceps to a radium. At this affection some patients have irradiation and pains in fingers. It leads to a diagnostics of a neurogenic disorder.
 Sometimes there is a swelling in the area of a distal part of the limb, fully identically as at a syndrome hand-shoulder.
 A morning stiffness.
 Problems get worse at night.
The patient cannot lie on the affected side
Some patients have a feeling of a swelling in the area of the front part of the shoulder, mostly they describe it earlier than the doctor can objectively find it. This symptom is rather rare, and it is evoked by bursitis.
An origin is mostly acute during 1-2days.
 A big restriction of motility which can be found during the examination of complex movements as during the examination of isolated movements when an outer rotation is restricted most. At the patient a painful arc is present, and during the examination of isometric contraction the outer rotation is the most painful.
 During palpation (which is the most important clinical symptom) a soresness in a process of the tendon of the long head of the biceps is found. During palpation an irradiation of the pain in the elbow is usually evoked. It is important that this is really a local soresness, and the patient is able to touch the painful place.