Capsula pattern

If there is a serious damage of structures which influence an isolated movement in the glenohumeral articulation, then a gradual restriction of motility at all levels of the movement in the glenohumeral articulation happens. But some movements are restricted earlier or rather more, some later and less, so we meet a capsule pattern when we find out the gradual restriction of the extension of the movement in a sequence typical  for the affection of the structures in the area of the glenohumeral articulation. We find out the restriction of the movement at the examination of active and passive motility.


Gradual Reduction of the Movement in the Sequence Occurs at the Affection of the Glenohumeral Articulation

  1. at first an outer rotation is restricted

  2. later abduction and flexion is restricted   (to the same degree)

  3. finally we meet also a restriction of an inner rotation at the examination


This conclusion can to be used at the examination of the extension of the movement for common ambulatory practice. In the case of pathology of the glenohumeral articulation, it is not necessary to examine extensions of all the movements, but only those ones where the pathology is manifested first and most expressively.


Isolated Movements of the Glenohumeral Articulation which are Necessary for the Route-identification


videosequence outer rotation

videosequence abduction

At the examination of the isolated movement a finding of the restricted outer rotation and abduction testifies to an affection of the structures in the area of the glenohumeral articulation, and development of the affection will be described by watching of these two paremetres.