Chronic Tendinitis of the Rotator Cuff

An independent chapter of affections of the shoulder girdle is represented by a chronic affection of the rotator cuff which in comparison with acute states of the rotator cuff is rather connected with higher age group. An impigement syndrome or rheumatoid processes damaging the rotator cuff play an important role in its etiology. A final state of these pathological processes can be a rupture of the rotator cuff. A clinic picture of these affections is not specific, and therefore the diagnosis is necessary to be verified by means of modern visualizing methods. Beforehand we would like to claim that an X-ray examination has no meaning for a determination of the affection of the rotator cuff, and for diagnostics we have to use an ultrasound or MRI examination. Except chronic affection of the rotator cuff we can meet an acute affection of the rotator cuff, but it is called up by an injury.