Pathologic ultrasound finding in the longitudinal section

If we know a normal finding at the ultrasound examination in the longitudinal section, we are able to diagnose well some pathological states which can occur in the area of the long head of the biceps and adjacent structures.


Exudative tenovaginitis

Erosion and changes in the sulcus bicipitalis

A surface of the bicipital sulcus where it is possible to find osseous erosion, for example at rheumatoid arthritis.

Intratendinous pathologic processes of the tendon

A structure of the tendon is well examinable by the ultrasound when intratendinous hypoechogenic or hyperechogenic foci give evidence of the pathology inside the tendon.

Ruptures of the tendon

An interruption of a contour of a fascia means a rupture of the tendon. This case we have not found during the ultrasound examination.