Definition of Isolated Movements in the Glenohumeral Articulation

Isolated movements are movements bound only to the glenohumeral articulation (not the whole shoulder girdle!!!), and to structures connected with it.


structures examined during isolated movements in the glenohumeral articulation

  1. head of the humerus, cotyle and labrum glenoidale

  2. articular capsule of the glenohumeral articulation

  3. bursae around glenohumeral joint 

  4. tendon of the long head of the biceps

  5. rotator cuff

  6. muscles of the shoulder girdle with attachments to the humerus


Meaning of the Isolated Movements

At isolated movements we examine only the structures in the area of the glenohumeral articulation. With regarding to the fact that at rheumatoid affections the affection of these structures is very frequent, the watching of isolated movement in the glenohumeral articulation has its meaning for finding out of any presence of pathological processes in this area, and at repeated examination it also has the meaning for finding out of development of the affection.

Practical examination of isolated movements

Examination of isolated movements in the glenohumeral articulation



Capsule pattern